“The Man Who Woke Up” In Ten Takes

Take One.

The man who woke up was tired of living in a trance, going through the motions of life without truly being present. He felt like a puppet, controlled by the expectations of society and the constant distractions of technology.

One day, he made the decision to break free. He turned off his phone, unplugged his TV, and retreated to a quiet place in the woods. There, he sat in silence and allowed himself to fully awaken to the present moment.

He sat down and just watched. Nothing but nature. After some time alone in the forest, her mind momentarily forgot to put a word before whatever her eyes saw. It was then that she began to see the world in a new way. By releasing her mind from the scalpel of language, she was able to access a reality where everything is seen as one, where the interconnection of all living beings is felt in the pulsation of the earth in unison with the pulsation of one’s heart.

He realized that he had been living in a state of hypnosis. Learning his first word was like drawing a line in the sand; one thing ends and another begins. That is the fall from grace of man, the moment he learns his first word, in that moment there is a separation from it all.

But now, alone in the forest, without any need for words, he was fully awake to what life is in the present. With the veil lifted from his eyes, the man who woke up returned to society, but he did so with a new sense of purpose . He no longer allowed himself to be swayed by the hypnotic influence of the language or the expectations of others. Instead, he followed his own path and lived his life fully and authentically. And as he walked through the world, he inspired others to do the same, spreading the message of awakening and liberation to all who would listen.

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